LeanWords is a tool that allows you to learn words from other languages easily. You can add words you want to learn and than have program ask you the translation one by one. The program has multiple modes, including intellectual in which the words you know the worst will be shown first. It also allows you to carefuly adjust the mode for your needs.

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Please, enter the words you want to add. The format is the following: on the first line there should be a word in the language you are learning, on the second line there should be word's translation, on the third line - the word, on the fourth - translation. For example, if you are learning English and translate words into Russian, here is how you should enter the words:

Words will be added to dictionary.
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Words from dictionary are shown (you can change current dictionary in settings). Probability of being next is calculated based on your game mode setting () and importance of words parameters. You can change it in settings.
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Game mode:
In intellectual game mode, the better you know the word, less frequently it will appear. In historical mode the words that you have not seen for a long time will appear first. In mixed mode, words are chosen mostly based on your knowledge, but sometimes they are purely random.
Time importance in calculating next word in intellectual or mixed mode. This setting represent how important in choosing next word should time (how long ago was the word last asked) be from 0 (not important at all) to 100 (very important)

Knowledge level importance in calculating next word in intellectual or mixed mode. This setting represent how important knowledge level of the word should be in choosing next word (knowledge level is a number from 0 to 1, the bigger it is the better you know the word).

You can create dictionaries to learn different pairs of languages or to have separate groups of words. After you choose dictionary here, all your actions (add word, show words, delete word) will be done on this dictionary only.
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